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Due to steadily-shrinking acceptance rates and growing pressure to gain admission into top-tier colleges and universities, the importance of standardized testing is becoming more prominent than ever. Your ACT® score can make or break your dreams, but with the right preparation, you are able to outdue the competition with a higher score, helping you to achieve your collegiate goals.

SELK Tutoring offers one of the leading ACT® prep courses, helping to ensure students achieve their goals.

More than college acceptances, your ACT® score can also be used to gain scholarships and set you up for general collegiate success. Whether you are already preparing for the ACT® or just starting your journey and don't know how to boost your score, SELK is here to help. The ACT® is made up of four sections that emphasize timing and speed over intense deep thinking.

Each and every one of our instructors has achieved a top score and are ready to help you take your test prep to the next level. We know all the test taking strategies necessary to gain a competitive edge and help you achieve that perfect score.

  • Completely Convenient: Our ACT® course allows you to work on your own schedule and at your own convenience. You must make sure to turn in all work in a timely manner, but aside from that, you can work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Intelligent Instruction: All of our instructors have undergone a deep and intensive interview process in order to provide you with the leading strategies available. Our uniquely designed course adjusts to your level of difficulty, allowing for rapid growth in a short time. Our course is designed around scientific principles of education, allowing for students to learn and understand material quickly and efficiently.
  • Great Experience: Our courses are comprehensive, and provide you with extensive reports so that you can improve your scores quickly. The courses cover exercises and strategies that align perfectly to your needs and the test requirements. Our students will never be neglected or subject to a one-size-fits-all curriculum.
  • Satisfactory Sessions: During each of our sessions, you will have access to your course progress and receive assistance in utilizing integral test taking strategies when necessary. We make sure that students don't just know the material on the test, but also the proper strategies that can be used to finish the test quickly and efficiently.
We strive to be affordable and accessible no matter what, making our course’s affordability a standard factor unlike other test prep companies. In addition, SELK tutoring makes sure that each student is treated fairly and given the proper instruction. Our simple interface is pleasant to use, and practice questions are available with the touch of a button.

On test day, we want students to walk into the testing center with nothing but a sense of confidence and an eagerness to succeed. Using our tried and true education methodology, we have created an experience like no other: an experience that is sure to propel your child to new academic heights. When it comes to the ACT®, every student has their own unique set of skills and weaknesses. Rather than wasting time and efforts on things that do not work, we encourage you to enroll in our Masterclass and take your preparation to the next level.

What's included:
✔ 30+hrs of Total Content
✔ Difficult Content Review
✔ Test Prep Strategies
✔ Proctored Exams
✔ Scholarship Database Assistance (BONUS)
✔ College Application Assistance (BONUS)
✔ College Essay Review (BONUS)
✔ Personalized Learning Plan
✔ Breakdown of the Official Test
✔ College Counselor (BONUS)
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee


ACT® Prep Curriculum

Our curriculum is likely one of the most in depth in the industry, covering not only strategies to do well on the test but also the necessary content. The SELK Masterclass curriculum is tailored to each student's individual needs, allowing for customized assignments by instructors for students struggling with a strategy or concept.



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