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Admissions Tips

The College Admissions Game

Contrary to what many believe, the admissions process does not start with the college application. Applying for colleges starts with research and lots of it. Knowing what colleges expect from their potential attendees is very important, here are a few recommendations when applying…

1. Research each college and contact the admissions office to inquire in regards to a potential visit if possible.

2. Preparation is key, the potential acceptance into a college or university starts the day you walk through your high school doors.
Note: This is not to say you cannot get into a college if you do not prepare early, anyone could get into any college if done correctly.

3. Visit college fairs and keep in touch with the college representatives.

4. Practice taking the SAT/ACT your sophomore year, and if possible take an SAT/ACT prep course as this may be a vital contributor in determining your acceptance.

5. Do not be discouraged by acceptance rates, most colleges accept more students than they deny, but be sure to be realistic.

6. Activities will NOT guarantee acceptance into a university, they are a just a slight addition to your application.

7. Many colleges offer scholarships, not to mention there are a number of scholarships offered by retailers (private) you can apply for, so do not eliminate a college because of the price tag.

8. Appearances are overrated, so pay close attention to student life, academic departments, and clubs versus the size of residence halls and gymnasiums.

9. Apply to out-of-state schools, many of them offer aid to non-residents. In some cases out-of-state schools may offer more aid to non-residents than residents.

10. Keep in mind, meeting the minimum or all the requirements for a college/university, does not guarantee acceptance. Note: If you only have one school in mind, contact a college counselor/consultant to see if they can help you get into your dream school.

11. Apply to as many schools as possible, the more the merrier!

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