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SELK Tutoring’s mission is to revolutionize what has been defined as traditional education.

SELK Tutoring was founded in late 2012 by a group of fungineers who believed that it was their duty to provide an innovative form of education that has been neglected for far too long. With constant innovation, progression, and interest-driven learning, SELK would provide students with a solely interest driven environment allowing them to excel more effectively than traditional education. At SELK, education is believed to be in a constant state of evolution and educators who believe otherwise are limiting growth, creating a societal limitation.

Since its inception, SELK has been breaking traditional boundaries. SELK is currently (2016) the only Project Based Learning company in the world, with student interests driving projects. We did not stop there, SELK offers students the opportunity to incorporate our Health & Wellness program into their tutoring should they be interested. As far as we know, SELK is the only tutoring organization that currently provides students with Health & Wellness programs in addition to their tutoring, as well as various other resources.

Revolutionizing traditional education is only the beginning for SELK. The traditional standards of education are rooted deeply in society, often swaying life decisions, decisions that could essentially help to innovate the world. Students often make career decisions based on monetary benefit versus passion, because that is what society tells them to do, even though innovation exists in passion. Once SELK redefines education, SELK will help provide the necessary resources to anyone and everyone, specifically in the fields they are passionate in. Being an educational resource for individuals driven by passion will allow for constant innovation in their respective fields of interest, likely solving many of today’s issues.

"If children have interest, then education happens."
- Arthur C. Clarke


Provide students and organizations with alternative education resources to assist in the pursuit of their goals


Provide educational resources to anyone and everyone, in their respective field of interest, using advancements in technology


Using the accumulated information of the database, we will create an accredited Interest Driven Learning (IDL) institution, while furthering the database’s growth

Phase 1 is the beginning of what we are calling the Educational (EDU) Revolution. At this stage, we are slowly reintroducing the world to alternative education and creativity, showing the flaws in traditional education, one being that it is teacher centered. This stage turns the tables, introducing a student-centered form of education.

Phase 2 continues Phase 1 but furthers it by creating a database based solely on topics of interest. This database will allow anyone to attend courses of interest in universities around the globe. At this stage, we are providing educational resources to anyone and everyone, in their respective fields of interest using technology. Students are able to view the database as well as contribute to it, building credibility in their fields of interest.

Phase 3 is when we begin to see the reintroduction of creativity in schools allowing for innovations to be made by students across the globe. In Phase 3, we will create an accredited IDL program and/or institution that will not only further the database but have a solely interest driven environment where students are creating innovations never before seen. This will be where all the magic happens. At this stage, the world will begin to change at a pace never before seen because their education is no loger led by a teacher or curriculum but their interests. Passion will become the source education.

At SELK, we believe that passion drives education, resulting in innovation. We also believe that as citizens of this society it is our responsibility to assist our fellow citizens through education and innovation.

SELK is not a tutoring company, we are an alternative educational provider and societal investors with a focus on educational innovation and education for all.