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The SAT ® is inarguably one of the most important tests when it comes to gaining admission into your top college choice.

SELK Tutoring offers one of the leading SAT® prep courses, helping to ensure students achieve their goals.

Many SAT® preparation courses fail to understand the most essential aspects of the SAT®. They teach using outdated strategies, inefficient critical thinking and problem-solving, which result in wasted time and little to no score improvement.

Rather than cramming your child's brain full of information that they will likely never use, our SAT® course uses a combination of divisive test taking strategies, practice tests for application purposes, and easy to follow instruction to ensure that your child gets the best SAT® score and experience as possible.

  • Our Masterclass uses the power of digital media to transform the curriculum towards any student. We make sure preparation is as efficient and optimized towards each and every student.
  • Thanks to our quickly adaptive model, we've created a personalized database allowing students to better achieve their next 1600.
  • Need to review a concept or do a quick refresher on a test-taking strategy or concept? Our straight-to-the-point, yet engaging platform allows your student to have all the information they need at the tip of their fingers while providing you with their progress in the course.
We strive to be affordable and accessible no matter what, making our course’s affordability a standard factor between other tutoring services. In addition, SELK Tutoring makes sure that each student is treated fairly and given the proper instruction. Our simple interface is pleasant to use, and practice questions are available with the touch of a button.

On test day, we want students to walk into the testing center with nothing but a sense of confidence and an eagerness to succeed. Using our tried and true education methodology, we have created an experience like no other: an experience that is sure to propel your child to new academic heights. When it comes to the SAT®, every student has their own unique set of skills and weaknesses. Rather than wasting time and efforts on things that do not work, we encourage you to enroll in our Masterclass and take your preparation to the next level.

What's included:
✔ 30+hrs of Total Content
✔ Difficult Content Review
✔ Test Prep Strategies
✔ Proctored Exams
✔ Personalized Learning Plan
✔ Breakdown of the Official Test
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee


SAT® Prep Curriculum

Our curriculum is likely one of the most in depth in the industry covering not only strategies to do well on the test but also the necessary content. The SELK Masterclass curriculum is tailored to each student's individual needs, allowing for customized assignments by instructors for students struggling with a strategy or concept.



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